Bellina Caetano Made It To NYFW

Featured Jewelry On The
Marrisa Wilson Spring '23 Runway Collection

Dreams do come true. If you know Bellina Caetano, you know our journey has been anything but a smooth ride. We are a two women team who is constantly wearing multiple hats while trying to make their mark in the jewelry sector!

How did we make it to NYFW?

A few weeks prior to the show, an introduction was made through an NFT project called Boss Beauties. WHAT?!!?! Yes we know how crazy that sounds. Never in our wildest dreams would we think that an NFT could connect our brand to Marrisa Wilson, a black female-owned contemporary womenswear brand that would catapult our jewelry on to a NYFW runway.

Jewelry Strutting Down The Catwalk

The limited fall drop was able to make its debut down MW SS23 NYFW runway show. Each model was paired effortlessly with Marissa Wilson’s Spring ‘23 collection. 

Marrisa Wilson Spring ‘23 Runway Collection -Of Many Waters 

Marrisa is a first generation Guyanese- American designer and is bridging the gap between web2 and web3 in fashion! This bright and expressive collection did a deep dive of where she comes from and her family lineage. Throughout the clothing pieces, you can see a homage to the uniforms of the Women’s Army Corp as well as colors and brushstrokes of boat rides down the Demerara River and walks through the Guyana rainforests. 

“By exploring my history and my heritage, where I’m from and where I’ve been, this collection presents a fuller understanding of my future as an artists and of the Marrisa Wilson brand.”

-Marrisa Wilson

Recap of our very first NYFW:
  • We were part of the first ever digital art sponsored NYFW show!
  • NFT's and the overall web3 space is incredible especially for designers and artists
  • NYFW is really all that it is cut out to be. The energy, the people, and the talent is invigorating and inspiring. 
  • It really does help build buzz around a brand and get more exposure!

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Press Credit: Jonas Gustavsson for MARRISA WILSON
Social Credit: jonas_snapsalot for @marrisawilsonny

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