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Our Very First Editorial Photo Shoot...


 Believe it or not, our very first editorial photoshoot happened this year for our "Modern Renaissance." Remember, Bellina Caetano is only two years old, so this was monumental for us. This shoot took months of preparation. From securing dates, location, and the right people to help us carry out the vision down to making sure every detail and inch of set design and clothing embodied the Bellina Caetano aesthetic. For this editorial shoot, we wanted to come together with local creatives to help us turn our story into a beautiful illustration. We couldn't have done it without these magnificent individuals. 

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 A huge thank you and appreciation to Javy Solano that created the entire wardrobe for this photoshoot to tie in the renaissance theme. This young fashion designer based in Chicago made all this beautiful clothing with his own two hands. His hard work and attention to detail is reflected in his designs. @javysolano
And a big warm thank you to everyone that made this happen;
Set Assistance- Maria Villedear and Lauryn Hall
Creative Director & Editor- Emely Matus  

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