Smart Is The New Sexy! Our Latest Gracefully Bold Story

Meet Arsiak! Our Gracefully Bold woman of the month. Arsiak has been making waves in our community with her virtual talk show and lifestyle brand, Smart is the New Sexy. We can't wait to share her story for you to be inspired and hopefully get involved.
but first...

What started off as a talk show interviewing women through storytelling has transformed into a lifestyle brand that is empowering and helping women level up in their journeys.

Through self-discovery and the stories of others, Arsiak was able to overcome challenges find love, success and purpose. Smart is the New Sexy’s goal is to empower others to do the same.
Every person should have the chance to feel seen and be heard. If you truly want something, you are capable and it’s possible another person’s story could propel you, as it did for Arsiak.

 You can look to social media or magazines for inspiration. Work in what makes you feel the best. Simply identify your favorite clothing and jewelry to wear and make them easily accessible. To prepare for the workday, plan your outfits the night before work so that you do not have to scramble in the morning. When you wake up without the desire of getting fully dressed, choose one item that inspires you and elevates your look.

The best way to get involved is by donating your time, resources, talent, or money to continue the growth of Smart is the New Sexy and find ways to help our community!
Connect or contact Arsiak personally to get involved!

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