Your Brazilian Oasis in Chicago

A new trend that has put Brazil in the spotlight

Hey guys! It's Bella and I am so excited to share all the details about our new store concept. The brand has gone through some big changes lately and so have I. Not only have I changed, but I have grown, matured, even blossomed into a new person in many ways. It has been almost 3 years in the U.S. and my journey as a young female entrepreneur has been beyond fantastic. I got to learn so much about my true passions and Brazil is at the top of that list. At the beginning of this year, we closed on a deal with the 900 Shops, which is where the initial pop-up shop was born last year. What was supposed to be a 30-day pop-up became a new chapter in my life. So many things have happened already this year. The business became a truly full-time job, I got together a wonderful team to support my dream, and together we brainstormed the next chapters of Bellina Caetano as a brand. Meeting after meeting we saw Bellina being shaped around the power of purpose and authenticity. The fact that we import our products from Brazil and create many jobs in my country became the core idea behind the business. We decided that it was time for me to really step up my game and bring all my "Brazilliance" to life or more specifically, to Chicago. Yes! Our first thought was that we need to make our shop a Brazilian oasis in Chicago. A place that you can experience a refreshingly Brazilian atmosphere so authentic that it makes you connect with our mission on a higher level. Indeed!
I spent many weeks researching what really defines us as Brazilians. After navigating through all types of different stereotypes, from Carnaval myths to overall misconceptions about our lifestyle, I came to the conclusion that around the 1950s, Brazil was going through a lot of changes. It was becoming well-known in the international scene with the unforgettable birth of Bossa Nova in Rio de Janeiro and the rise of modern design. I fell in love with what was called the Golden Era of Brazil, the most historically prestigious moment in Brazilian design, art, and music.
The one thing I really wanted to translate into my aesthetic for the new shop design was our high sense of fashion, manners, and sophistication. Looking at the old pictures and even going to some iconic addresses in Rio, I can totally see why Brazil was so trendy in the 50s. I took it literally and started my saga to find the best shapes, colors, and textures for all my new furniture, walls, and decor. The result is in the pictures below and I will give little insights into the design as we go through them. 

Highlights of our design 

Wallpaper choice

We were going for tropical and we definitely needed to add some green to our signature blue style.


Brazilian Bar

With a selection of prime cachaça, Brazil's number one signature liquor. If you have never tried one, now you have a place to go!

Furniture and decor

My concept and guide was tropical which includes wood and natural fibers to make the ambiance warmer. Another nice touch was the golden faux bamboo coffee table. One useful tip is to mix and match textures and materials to make the end product look more upscale. In this case, I chose a curved velvet couch that did a great job balancing natural and sophisticated.    

Plants and more plants

I made sure to add as many plants as I could. Now we have everyday company plus some great cuts of fresh tropical flowers that tie all the decor together. 


The Brazilian touch

We are so proud to be a Brazilian company that I couldn't help but compliment the decor with some elements from Brazil that really connect people to our real purpose. 


I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about our new space. It is our pleasure to say that we are the very first space in Chicago dedicated to the Brazilian design. We care a lot about your shopping experience and we promise to bring Chicago the best high-end, direct-trade products from Brazil.


Thank you so much for reading. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on what we have done with the new look!



Bella Caetano.








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