Ugly Sweater Fashion Show

Take a look at the first edition of our Ugly Sweater Fashion Show

This was such a great last-minute party. A few weeks ago I decided to host a holiday party at Bellina Caetano. I wanted something fun and fashionable and I had an aha moment and came up with the Ugly Sweater Fashion Show, a catchy name to make my friends take me seriously about the party. I made a cute invitation and requested everyone to dress in ugly sweaters in their very own fashionable way. They were actually quite excited and we had a very merry fashion show with everything we deserved. Let me show you some great moments! 

I was so impressed by how creative everyone was with the outfits. 



It was an exciting red carpet to watch! I already have a million ideas for the second edition.  And it was not just the runway, we had Christmas nail art by my friend Tatiana from Monaco Beauty, we had a fun time decorating cookies with a pre-packed DIY set from Trader Joes, lots of champagne, Brazilian Christmas music and tons of food. 





It feels so good to run a business like mine and make the most out of it. Bellina Caetano became a place not just to work but to gather friends. I love taking care of my Ladies and introducing them to each other. We have had so many great times this year, so many people have passed by our boutique in the 900 Shops and decided to stay not just as a customer but as part of this big fam! A very Brazilian one filled with lots of people from all over the world.







Sometimes people ask if this business is really about jewelry. I think it is much more about good relationships and the art of design. I know my customers love the quality and uniqueness of my jewelry designs and we try to keep it more about the experience than anything. Jewelry is just my art, hospitality is my specialty. 



 I am very grateful for how this party turned out and I have to give a big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate the holidays in such a fashionable way.



See you all next year in our second edition. If you are not signed up for our VIP newsletter please sign up so that you get the invitation to our special events!



Thank you for reading


Bella Caetano

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This party was so 🔥 lit

Michelle January 09, 2020

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