Miranda "Miss M" Earrings

$98 $228

Big and bold doesn't necessarily mean loud. That is why to me these earrings are the definition of "Gracefully Bold". I believe that calling designs "statement jewelry" relates with them being unique and different rather than just being big and loud. It's funny because that is pretty much the definition of my ideal behavior and attitude as a woman. The woman I envision wearing these earrings is a polished bold woman, a very sophisticated one. Often times we are in situations in which we want to express ourselves boldly. Smart are the women who do that in a balanced way. When I created this design, I was not just thinking about the women who were going to wear it but also about my own needs at the moment. As I have grown as a jewelry designer, I have often had times in which I craved to be heard but didn't quite know what to say or how to say it. I found my true voice only once I released my inhibitions and finally allowed myself to design freely. As a result of these feelings, I have designed a pair of very unique earrings. A design with such beautiful organic lines never seen before, capable of standing out in a delicate but powerful way. 

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