Kaleidosoul Master Earrings


The Kaleidosoul capsule collection was designed as a tool for soul-searching and empowerment. 

What makes us all special is that bright and mysterious light we have inside of us called a SOUL and that light is able to manifest life inside of our empty human bodies. A light that gracefully walks us through life.

Each stone carries its own traits. The clear quartz used in this design purposely has inclusions reminding us that even though we were all created equal, our scars are oftentimes what make us powerful and unique. The clear quartz is see-through and it reflects the color of your skin. It is then finalized with an iridescent top coat that represents your aura. This collection was designed and imagined by Bella with the intent to help you find inside of yourself your best gifts and let them come through freely so that you can share them with the world. 

" Free up your SOUL, light up your FIRE"

-Bella Caetano

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