Lady Blue Necklace


The Lady necklace was the beginning of a fun and extraordinary career as a jewelry designer. This necklace is the very first piece that I designed. I remember as if it was yesterday when my husband and I took a trip to Europe for 30 days, two young love birds dreaming about life and wondering what the future would look like. That was March of 2018, I came home so inspired and I knew I had to take a bold step in my new American life. I wanted to start designing but I was afraid of becoming a designer and all the responsibilities that it would bring to me. The trip had a big influence not just on the shape of the necklace but on how I wanted the women around the world to feel when they would wear it. The design is an unknown botanical shape from an old vintage book, but the overall look reflects the self-esteem and determination I needed in order to take such a big step in my life. I wanted to create a piece that was timeless and had a strong meaning. I tried to find inspiration in everything but nothing spoke to me until I came across this feminine shape and all I could see was the face of the strong woman I was about to become. As I write this description I have already created 7 other Ladies with different stones each with its own personality and messages. The ''Lady" designs are my icons, the unique and delicate shape that carries such a strong and empowering message to all women who wear it.

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