Lady Blue Petite Necklace


The traditional delicate curves on the shape of Lady have become an icon and it makes me so happy to see that people are starting to recognize my design on the streets!  With that came the confidence to create some variations of the design. Lady now has a smaller version and a more delicate chain. This new size is perfect to either layer with other necklaces or wear alone to add a very simple touch of femininity to your everyday outfits. The blue agate is for sure my signature color and my favorite one. When I am creating new pieces I am always thinking about their purpose and that helps me decide if they should be created or not. For this one, I thought it would be amazing to have such a signature product at this price point without compromising the quality. It is a petite necklace but it has all the charm of the Lady's signature curvy shape. As I always say, every piece of jewelry has a message. I want all women to be able to afford my designs because they are not just fashion accessories but confidence tools. 

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