Lady Marta Master Hoop Earrings


I am so proud of these hoop earrings! Not just because they turned out to be incredibly beautiful, but because the little curved diamond shape in the middle has become my symbol and it's even better now with a gemstone inside. It was just intuition during some of my first designing sessions that led me to sketch my very first pair of hoop earrings, the "Lady Hoop Earrings", which feature the same curved diamond shape but don't include the stone in the middle like these ones. If you take a look at my logo, you can see where the little curved diamond comes from. I have always wanted every piece of jewelry to be a sweet reminder of how special we are. I also knew I didn't want it to be round (just because I love being different, don't you? lol..) and I wanted an element that people would be able to recognize as exclusively Bellina Caetano. These hoops were already very special when they were smaller and just metal, but now they align even more with my mission because they are embellished with my favorite natural stones from Brazil.

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