Malu Master Bracelet

$126 $178

This bracelet is beautiful all the way around. Correct, all the way! I am a perfectionist and you will notice that when you see this bracelet in person. You won't believe that all of its circles are perfectly and carefully welded into each other with no gaps in between. All that to make sure to create our own unique chain that matches the pattern of the design that holds the stones. It is a true piece of art, not to mention that these colors are spectacular together. I try to save it for special occasions but I am not very successful. I don't really make rules for when, where, or how I should wear my outfits. I normally dress based on how I feel much more than on where I am going. All I know is that no matter where or when I'm wearing it, this piece always makes me feel special. You might save it for a very special occasion or just wear it anytime you feel special. It's up to you!

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