Miranda Ring

$88 $128

One of my latest obsessions is the Miranda ring and earrings. I have been dreaming about this new palette for a long time and I decided to test the design without facets. The result is fabulous! I really like the cabochon effect, especially on the rose quartz because you can see the true beauty of the stone. The "veins" are actually inclusions that are formed by air, water, or even other minerals while the crystal is being beautifully made as the magma travels to earth's surface. In many gemstones these inclusions affect the clarity which diminishes their value, but I think this is actually what makes each stone so unique. When I created Miranda, I was trying to figure out a palette to wear with animal print. I wanted it to be be soft and feminine rather than flashy and bold, which is no easy task. I am a huge fan of smoky quartz and since black and brown alone sounded way too obvious I decided to throw some pink into the mix! As you can tell by now I like everything about this new ring and the earrings turned out adorable too. I have made it easy to wear my animal print outfits and really this is one of those pieces that goes well with just about everything.

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