Mia Master Necklace

$142 $248

When you think about gemstone necklaces, it's easy to automatically think of a pendant featuring one unique stone. I was curious to see what could I do differently so I started researching some trends for necklaces. Gold link necklaces were some of the most googled jewelry items of the season and that sparked the idea of merging both styles. What if I could create a link with a stone on the inside? Voialá! After a few sketches and countless attempts to connect the links in an efficient way, we finally had my very unusual and unique gold link necklace. I was restless to figure out how to produce this necklace because I did not want it to be just one more gold link necklace, I wanted it to be a signature one. A necklace people could tell is a Bellina Caetano design.  By now you can probably tell how much the people in the manufacturing plant in Brazil love me (lol). I won't settle for less than perfect! I like easy simple designs, but impossible ones are much more fun. It turns out that this is not just a trendy necklace but a timeless sophisticated piece for a sophisticated woman with important missions to accomplish.

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