Miranda Master Earrings


I personally write each and every one of the descriptions you read on my website. It's so powerful that technology allows me to be a businesswoman and salesperson far beyond the walls of my tiny shop on Michigan Ave in Chicago. I love all my designs but I have to say the three stone design is the one that my customers kindly call my masterpiece. If you take a look at the names of all my three stone pieces, you'll notice that they are all Brazilian names that start with "M", ever since my very first one: Malu. Maybe it is a coincidence or maybe it was destiny, who will ever know right? Every new combination surprises me and Miranda was above and beyond. My intention with Miranda was to create the same stylistic feel without facets. The test went very well and I am so happy with the colors. The big rose quartz brings light to the design and the soft clarity of the smoky quartz acts as a beautiful transition into the tiny obsidian. I might say over and over how elegant they look when you wear them with a simple black dress, but it's true! I've heard from many customers the word "elegant" whenever they try to describe my jewelry. Now it's your turn to try and see how you feel. It's OK if you change your mind because our returns are always free and easy, but I have to warn you that the likelihood of you loving the design and quality is very high. 

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